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Eco Property Services strives to provide much more than just a service; we strive to create a safer, happier and more eco-friendly environment through our property services ranging from internal commercial cleaning to external cleaning and maintenance. Our eco touch realises that like every relationship and every seed planted... nurturing is needed, here at eco we believe in honest, open communication, listening to both our customers and clients.


We have been established for over 15 years now and have an extensive client portfolio in Slough, Windsor and Birmingham areas including Barratts' Aspects Court (Slough), Barratts' Hurworth Avenue (Langley), Royal Court (Langley) etc. We have an extensive network of qualified contractors including electricians, plumbers, decorators, corgi gas technicians and CCTV electricians.


As a community driven organisation we have strong local links which we use throughout all cleaning and property services as well as offering support to neighbourhood groups. We are proud to be approved and accredited by Residential Management Group (RMG) and other managing agents. Additionally we follow legislation and industry codes of practice of The Association of Residential Managing Agents (ARMA) as well as current legislation and codes of practice that relate to our company.


We believe in the natural ecology of things; that through respecting our surroundings we will create better living and working environments. In a nutshell eco is environmentally aware, caring and optimistic; optimistic for a brighter, cleaner and more eco-friendly future.